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Is Cristiano Ronaldo Your Inspiration?

To ALL You Young Soccer Players Out There , Is Cristiano Ronaldo Your Inspiration?


If you’re a fan, you watch 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ in awe. If you want to be a fan forever, that’s enough. But if you have dreams of dazzling on the big stage yourself one day, you use each game-changing moment as inspiration and as a guide to add something extra to your own game.

To help those aiming to #CelebrateNext and become a future star, we teamed with the first-class coaches and players atNorth Carolina FC Youth.

Each week we’ll take a goal, move, technique or tactic from a match that caused mouths to drop and use it to help skills to sharpen.

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning 88th minute free kick against Spain sent shockwaves throughout the world, we went to the field with coach Will Mack and the ’04 NCFC Youth team to master the technique.


First, to refresh you, CR7’s Portugal is down 2-3 to Spain in their opener. He’s won a free kick 25 yards out and is looking to complete his hat trick and net the equalizer.

GOOOOOOAAAAL! @Cristiano. Amazing!!!!! 3-3 #PORESP #WorldCup


🎩🎩🎩 @Cristiano just did it again. #CelebrateNext #WorldCup

FIFA World Cup™ Skills with NCFC Youth: Mastering Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick technique

CR7’s stunner was the result of thousands of hours of practice, hitting strike after strike, analyzing the results and refining.

If you want to hit one like he does, you’ll need to put in that same work and focus on these skills:

  • Picking a spot on the ball you want to hit, and aiming to strike it there consistently;
  • Approaching the ball from the side, not straight on, so you can get the necessary whip on the ball;
  • Wrapping your foot around the ball and driving your knee upwards so you get the curl and also that signature CR7 top spin.


Check back next week when we’ll breakdown another FIFA World Cup™ moment and give you the tools to master it yourself. Thanks to our friends at NCFC Youth. Learn more about them at

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via How do you hit a free kick like Cristiano Ronaldo?

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