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FIFA 19 | The Best Parts — — Travel Nerds at Comic Cons, Theme Parks, Movies Premiers & Live Events.

Offering active touch for more interactive ball control and more directly factoring in player statistics on loose balls, the new FIFA allows you to further personalize the way you control your players; this means there are ways to be good without being that guy who spends ten minutes choosing a formation before kick-off.

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Juventus: Why Italians are so much more than Cristiano Ronaldo — High Velocity Sport

If it’s not him starting, then it will be another. Ronaldo brings supreme quality and a winning mentality but the talents flanking him and the club’s squad depth is the main reason why Juve could be the team to beat in Europe. Especially when you consider those talents are in the hands of Allegri, the master of substitutions, versatility and balance.